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Player Recognition

Since the 1985-1986 season, the NVWBCA has honored the most outstanding players in the Northern Region to recognize their outstanding play. Beginning in a time when recognition of female athletes was not prevalent, the awards became a fixture of the post–season and a coveted honor among the players.  Over the past 29 years, the following young women athletes have been recognized as the “Best” in the Northern Region:

Top vote getters

1985-86                                  Christy Winters                                South Lakes

1986-87                                  Penny Moore                                     Stuart

1987-88                                  Ashley Hancock                               Lee

1988-89                                  Laura Teter                                       Lake Braddock

1989-90                                  Zeki Blanding                                   Lee

1990-91                                  Jackie Freeman                               Madison

1991-92                                  Heather Phillips                                Robinson

Players of the Year

1992-93                                               Jen Terry                                             West Springfield

1993-94                                               Mary Klima                                         W.T. Woodson

1994-95                                               Katie Smrka-Duffy                         Madison

1995-96                                               Katie Smrka-Duffy                         Madison

1996-97                                               Danielle Leyfert                                Oakton

1997-98                                               Kara Lawson                                     West Springfield

1998-99                                               Kara Lawson                                     West Springfield

1999-00                                               Kate Kreager                                    Chantilly

2000-01                                               Anesia Smith                                    Hayfield

2001-02                                               Lauren Troupe                                  Mount Vernon

2002-03                                             Janelle Dodds                                   West Springfield

2003-04                                             Jasmine Thomas                              Oakton

2004-05                                             Jasmine Thomas                              Oakton

2005-06                                             Jasmine Thomas                              Oakton

2006-07                                             Jasmine Thomas                              Oakton

2007-08                                             Tierra Ruffin-Pratt                             T.C. Williams

2008-09                                             Tierra Ruffin-Pratt                             T.C. Williams

2009-10                                             Myisha Goodwin                                 Edison

2010-11                                               Caroline Coyer                                   Oakton

2011-12                                               Caroline Coyer                                   Oakton

2012-13                                               Natalie Butler                                      Lake Braddock

2013-14                                               Kelly Koshuta                                     Madison

2014-15                                               Kelly Koshuta                                     Madison

2015-16                                               Alex Marquis                                       Oakton

2016-17                                               Mary Clougherty                                Chantilly

2017-18          Region C                  Paris McBride                                        Woodbridge

                          Region D                  Jordyn Callaghan                               Langley

2018-19          Region C                   Trinity Palacios                                    T.C. Williams

                          Region D                  Sha’Lynn Hagans                                 Osbourne Park

2019-20          Region C                  Bri Johns                                               Edison

                          Region D                  Elizabeth Dufrane                                McLean

2020 -21          Region C                  Danea Mackey                                    West Potomac

                          Region D                  Meghan O’Brien                                    Chantilly