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Northern Virginia Women’s Basketball Coaches Association

The NVWBCA was organized in 1982 to represent girls basketball coaches in the Northern Region and to advocate for the growth of girls basketball in our area. The NVWBCA has been a tireless advocate for the sport and has spearheaded many initiatives over the years:

  • Freshman girls basketball (1989)
  • Fair and equitable access to officials (1988)
  • Successful campaigns to prevent the loss of freshman and JV teams (1991, 2005, 2009)
  • Prevented the move of girls basketball to the fall (1997)
  • Advocacy for changes in the location and format of the Regional Tournament
  • Changes in the out-of-season practice rules
  • The Fall College Showcase (1995-Present)
  • The Scholarship Program (1983-86 & 2003-Present)
  • The All-Star Games, beginning with the Expo Games (1995-99), the Virginia-Maryland games (98-01), and evolving into the Suburban Classic (2003-present)

All of these achievements are the result of the hard work of the NVWBCA and its member coaches over the last 40 years. While these are the most public accomplishments, many more important issues affecting girls basketball and ALL of Virginia high school sports have been addressed and influenced by the NVWBCA and its members.

In the current landscape, and especially in the light of the numerous changes that have been instituted in recent years, the NVWBCA must strive to maintain its involvement and engagement in advocating and “growing” girls basketball in Northern Virginia.

Our All-Star game, Player Recognition program, scholarship program, and our college showcase are returning after our forced hiatus due to the COVID pandemic. We look forward to your participation and support!